Three games kick off 2022

Crawford Macnab
10 January 2022

Two ladder games were played on 10th Jan 2022. Wins for Euan McDiarmid and Stuart McKinney.

This was first chance for Stuart to play an opponent higher in the ladder and so he moves up.

Euan moves up to 4th in the ladder.

See Club Ladder for full results.

Ladder Games

10th Jan 2022

White Black
1 Stuart McKinney 1455 1 - 0 Paul Girdwood 1524
2 Sandy Powell 1108 0 - 1 Euan McDiarmid


A graded friendly was played between Allan McDiarmid and Charles Gunn-Russell finishing in a draw.

10th Jan 2022

White Black
1 Allan McDiarmid 1740 ½ - ½ Charles Gunn-Russell 1797

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