Paul goes 2nd top in ladder!

Crawford Macnab
21 February 2022

Two ladder games were played on 21st Feb 2022, with Paul Girdwood defeating Philip Tait to move up to 2nd place in the ladder.

The other ladder game saw Stuart and Eric go all the way to a time scramble with Eric just failing to checkmate Stuart with king and queen versus king. Blacks flag fell with just a few more moves required to give checkmate!

In the diagram shown with white to move he must lose his bishop to avoid pawn moving to a5 giving checkmate. A sneaky try pointed out by Eric was for the bishop to take the pawn on b5 hoping that black recaptured the bishop which would have led to stalemate.


Ladder Games

21st Feb 2022

White Black
1 Stuart McKinney 1455 ½ - ½ Eric P Smith 1621
2 Philip Tait 1187 0 - 1 Paul Girdwood 1524

See Club Ladder for full results.

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