Club Night - 24th Jan 2022

Crawford Macnab
25 January 2022

Three ladder games, two friendlies and a club championship game were played on 24th Jan 2022.

Club Championship Section A

Catching up on club championship game from last year, Crawford and Nick played another line of the Scandinavian Defence ending in a draw when pieces were exchanged down to a level position where neither side could risk pushing for a win.
This result means that Douglas has won section A and qualifies for the championship play off decider against Gerry.

Round 7

24th Jan 2022

White Black
1 Crawford Macnab 1811 ½ - ½ Nick West 1370

Ladder Games

24th Jan 2022

White Black
1 Paul Girdwood 1524 ½ - ½ Euan McDiarmid
2 Stuart McKinney 1455 0 - 1 Nathaniel Forbes Inskip
3 Sandy Powell 1108 0 - 1 Philip Tait 1187

See Club Ladder for full results.

Paul’s draw with Euan moves him up to positon 5 in the ladder.
Philip eventually won against Sandy.
Observing Stuart and Nathaniel’s game a few times I could see it was getting quite interesting and later I was surprised to see it reached the position shown below!? Both players kindly shared the game score and on review Stuart missed a few chances to castle kingside which would have kept things about level. Instead a blunder led to the position collapsing and the king having to go for a wander.


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Two graded friendlies were played with Charles and Allan winning with the black pieces.

24th Jan 2022

White Black
1 Gerry Brown 1435 0 - 1 Allan McDiarmid 1740
2 Richard Josey 0 - 1 Charles Gunn-Russell 1797