Club Night - 25th Apr 2022

Crawford Macnab
25 April 2022

Four games played on Monday 25th Apr 2022.

In the battle of the McDiarmids it was Euan that defeated his father!

Nathaniel played the Benko Gambit for the first time against Charles, doing fine out of the opening to reach a challenging pawn ending.

25th Apr 2022

White Black
1 Maciej Frodyma 0 - 1 Stuart McKinney 1455
2 Charles Gunn-Russell 1797 1 - 0 Nathaniel Forbes Inskip
3 Eric P Smith 1621 1 - 0 Richard Josey
4 Euan McDiarmid 1 - 0 Allan McDiarmid 1740

In Charles v Nathaniel match the position below was reached with black to move.
It looks like it should be drawn but what is the best move for black?!
The full game is shown below.

Black to play

Black to play

Maciej played well against Stuart but narrowly lost in the end.
Eric got the better of Richard with a small queen sacrifice.

It was good to see Andrew Wright back at the club playing some games against Nick West.

Crawford welcomed potential new member Adam McIntosh to the club and chat through the games that were played.

Club Night

Club Night

The full game between Charles and Nathaniel.