Jack Campbell Rosebowl - loss to Edinburgh B

Crawford Macnab
15 April 2023

We lost 0 - 5 against Edinburgh B in the semi-final of the Jack Campbell Rosebowl.

Thanks to Edinburgh Chess club for allowing the match to be played at Alva Street even though it was technically our home match.

Tha match was closer than the score suggests with all games being quite equal for a while.

Eric appeared to be doing ok but the tables turned and after exchanges the white rooks became strong and whites knight was better than the black bishop.

Matt had a level game where he had to defend patiently against whites doubled rooks on the half open e file. There must have been a rook sacrificed on the kingside later to force a winning attack.

My opponent was well versed in the Frensh defence and I reached a slightly exposed but playable position. Unfortunately my plan to swap white squared bishops was a blunder and position soon collapsed.

Douglas appeared to be doing fine in early opening but was suddenly a piece and pawns down for no compensation.

Richard was last to finish and although opponent had an a pawn that was going to queen and an extra knight, Richard had a rolling pawn centre. At the crucial moment Richard swapped off rooks where instead advancing his king would have led to a win with black unable to cope with the pawns.

Good luck to Edinburgh in the final.

Civil Service Civil Service Edinburgh B Edinburgh B
Crawford Macnab
1760 0 - 1
Andre Antunes
Matt Rounds
1677 0 - 1
David Archibald
Richard Scott
1677 0 - 1
Robert Kane
Eric Smith
1601 0 - 1
Calum McGillivray
Douglas Heatlie
1499 0 - 1
Ross Blackford
0 - 5

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