Chess Edinburgh Update

Crawford Macnab
30 June 2022

A Chess Edinburgh and Lothians update from David Stewart..

To all,

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well and an update regarding Chess Edinburgh and Lothian’s.

Chess in the Park

Last week a major fire occurred at the Fountain Cafe in which all our Chess equipment was sadly destroyed. Our chess equipment consisted of ten sets, thirteen folding boards and ten clocks.

The Fountain Cafe has since reopened last week in which we continue to meet every Thursday and Sunday 2 – 5 pm, at the Fountain Cafe, until the end of October.

From players I have had offers letters of support and financial help, which is appreciated. We have plans to replace the chess equipment, likely from donations as happened previously, once storage space at the Cafe becomes available.

Players are requested to bring their own Chess equipment.

Analogue Chess Clocks

A request to Clubs and players for analogue chess clocks to be donated in any condition for Chess in the Park. Ideally, they should be small clocks, due to storage, in which brown BHB analogue Chess Clocks made in West Germany are preferred.

World Chess FIDE Candidates 2022 – Madrid

The Candidates to determine who will next challenge Magnus Carlsen is being played in Madrid.

Commentary on You Tube starts from 2 pm, with three rounds remaining.

Scottish Chess Championships - 2 – 10 July 2022

The Scottish Chess Championships take place at the Edinburgh Chess Club between 2 – 10 July 2022 and restricted to sixteen entries. Unfortunately for Club players, no other events are available.

Spectators, due to space, are not invited although there is likely to be live coverage via the Chess Scotland Website.

Chess Scotland Grading

A reminder that the Chess Scotland grading cut-off date is today 30 June 2022, in which all results have to be submitted for the new grades. The new grades for next season are likely to be available at the end of July. If any Club has grading results yet to be submitted, please make contact with the Chief Grader, Douglas Bryson for Chess Scotland immediately.

Leith - free Function Room available !

The Proprietor of Ooh Mami, 7 Bernard Street, Leith has a Function Room suitable for playing Chess.

A Bistro Bar serving drinks, coffees and food.

The Function Room is used for a host of activities and is at times used to serve light meals. The room is quiet and suitable to play a match over six Boards.

Through the Leith Festival the room is advertised for Board Games Nights, from 7 pm to late, in which Chess Sets are available.

On Wednesday evenings, bounce Chess games between players have occurred most weeks.

The contact is Charlotte, a former Tiger Cubs player, daughter of Gerry Brown, Civil Service, who is keen to establish Chess at the venue.


Our Council is elected to serve the Member Clubs wishes in which we require to abide by our rules and Constitution which are available via our Website.

Clubs made the decision at their AGM from a vote or by mutual agreement what as a Club they were planning to do in which their players made the decision.

Our Council have yet to meet and decide as to what is going to happen with the outstanding fixtures both for the Leagues and Lothian’s Championship.

The hope is to restart the leagues this coming season from the information I have received from each Club.

For all Clubs, it would be helpful to discuss this topic in advance and ideally advise me as to the number of teams you are likely to enter both for the Leagues and Allegro League.

Club Update:

The current position for each Member Club, or team.

Badgers Brook – Monday 7.15 pm – Badgers Brook – Mark Cooke

Bank of Scotland – Tuesday 7.30 pm – Ukrainian Club – David Stewart

Civil Service – Monday 7 pm – Slateford Bowling Club - Crawford Macnab (finished for the summer)

Corstorphine – Monday 7.15 pm – Corstorphine Hub – Graham Wilson

Edinburgh – Tuesday 7.30 pm – Edinburgh Chess Club – Neil Berry

Musselburgh – Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm – The Store Club - Iain Hope

Sandy Bells – Tuesday 7.30 pm – NEW VENUE at The Waverley Bar, St Mary Street - Mike Wallace

University of Edinburgh – Thursday 7 pm – The Pleasance – Martin Kopernicky

Wandering Dragons – Tuesday 7.30 pm - Pilrig Bowling Club - Jim O Neil

Clubs that are playing Online:

Badgers Brook
Edinburgh - Wednesday
Pentland Hills
University of Edinburgh

Clubs that are not currently meeting:

Edinburgh West
Gorgie Dalry – Some players are playing with Civil Service.
Tiger Cubs

In the event that the Club venue details or Secretary on our Website for any Club are incorrect, please update me.

Further updates from Clubs are appreciated and happy to give advice on request.

Finally, it would be helpful to circulate this information to your Club Members.

Best wishes