Club Night - 2nd May 2022

Crawford Macnab
2 May 2022

Four games played on Monday 2nd May 2022.

New player Adam McIntosh defends stubbornly against Stuart McKinney and missed tactic that would have turned the tables!

2nd May 2022

White Black
1 Adam McIntosh 0 - 1 Stuart McKinney 1455
2 Charles Gunn-Russell 1797 ½ - ½ Crawford Macnab 1811
3 Allan McDiarmid 1740 0 - 1 Paul Girdwood 1524
4 Euan McDiarmid 0 - 1 Eric P Smith 1621

Charles and Crawford got into mutual time trouble with Crawford missing opportunity for winning attack against white king. Draw agreed after time control reached.

Allan gifted a piece to Paul.

Eric won a few pawns against Euan and with the better position setup a nice mating attack to finish.

Stuart looking for killer move

Stuart looking for killer move

Adam played well but Stuart gained an advantage building pressure on white position.
On move 35 a tactic to win a pawn backfired due to threat of bank rank mate, and fortunate that Adam did not see the needed follow up.