Club Night - 23rd May 2022

Crawford Macnab
23 May 2022

Two graded games were played on Monday 23rd May 2022.

Charles recovered from a shaky start to beat Simon, Gerry and Stuart drew.

23rd May 2022

White Black
1 Gerry Brown 1435 ½ - ½ Stuart McKinney 1455
2 Simon Bate 1511 0 - 1 Charles Gunn-Russell 1797
Simon v Charles

Simon v Charles

Simon interestingly played Bh4 which allowed (invited?) his bishop to be trapped by g5. This is what happened and white got compensation with knight on f6 being pinned and the black squares being weakened. If Simon had seen the idea of Qc1 and bringing queen to g5 winning material back the game may have finished differently!