Club Night - 30th May 2022

Crawford Macnab
30 May 2022

Two graded games were played on Monday 30th May 2022.

Maciej got the better of Euan, and Eric’s run of form continues with a second win against Charles.

Potential new club members Mathew and his son Isaac came along to the club and played 10 minute games against Gerry, Crawford, Allan and Stuart. Isaac had used his initiative to find our club online which as a bonus is within walking distance. (It seems that the effort to register the club properly with Google Maps has hopefully paid off!)

Both Mathew and Isaac played well, hopefully enjoying a chance to play over the board chess.

My one game against Isaac was a Morra Gambit declined where I (with white) netted material in the opening at the cost of exposing my king on d3 with major pieces still on the board. Eventually with material returned in order to survive the middle game, we reached a king + pawn ending which was played out in a mad time scramble where Isaac ran out of time when I had just one second left on the clock! (and was about to checkmate with a newly promoted queen)

31st May 2022

White Black
1 Charles Gunn-Russell 1797 0 - 1 Eric P Smith 1621
2 Maciej Frodyma 1 - 0 Euan McDiarmid

Charles with the white pieces against Eric offered an exchange of queens that resulted in doubled f pawns. With a different move order the doubled pawns could have been avoided with an easier endgame.

Position shown was reached with white to play.

Charles v Eric

Charles v Eric

Possibly with best play White could have held this. However some weaker moves by Charles were punished by Eric who played the endgame very well.