League Playoff - lost to Badgers Brook

Crawford Macnab
22 May 2023

We narrowly lost 2½ - 3½ to Badgers Brook in the league playoff.

Badgers Brook were graded higher with their board 6 being higher than our top board.

Due to an accident on the city bypass, Alan Bell failed to make it to the venue and the board was defaulted.

Eric was first to finish having had a tough time off it after losing a piece for some pawns.

Matt had good play down the a file and when major pieces came off he was a pawn up in a knight versus bishop ending. Unfortunately all pawn breaks were blocked and it was not possible to make progress.

Allan had a solid draw with the black pieces with his queen probing for weaknesses.

Euan swapped knight for bishop leading to a blockaded drawn position.

On board one I had good chances of drawing in a double rook and pawn ending. With both players down to less than 2 minutes left on the clock it was looking like someone would lose on time but unfortunately I allowed my rook and king to be forked.

Congratulations to Badgers Brook in retaining their premier league status.

Civil Service Civil Service Badgers Brook Badgers Brook
Crawford Macnab
1760 0 - 1
Andrew Newton
Matt Rounds
1749 ½ - ½
Kenny McGeoch
Allan McDiarmid
1732 ½ - ½
Suzy Cooke
Charles Gunn-Russell
1718 1 - 0d
Alan Bell
Eric Smith
1601 0 - 1
Mark Cooke
Euan McDiarmid
1519 ½ - ½
Dougie Will
2½ - 3½