Win for First team

Crawford Macnab
6 February 2024

We got revenge against Pentland Hills 1 with a 4 - 2 victory in Roslin.

Pentland Hills 1 Pentland Hills 1 Civil Service 1 Civil Service 1
Philip Best
1894 1 - 0
Matt Rounds
Ian Morrison
1811 ½ - ½
Charles Gunn-Russell
Bernard Cornes
1807 0 - 1
Allan McDiarmid
David Begg
1680 0 - 1
Crawford Macnab
Chris Donkin
1676 ½ - ½
Nathaniel Forbes Inskip
Victor Thimonier
1563 0 - 1
Euan McDiarmid
2 - 4

Charles had a steady draw on board two facing a Ruy Lopez.

Allan had control of the e file and more space that eventually proved decisive with a strong mating attack on the kingside.

Euan won on bottom board where it looked like his queenside attack was going to break through.

Matt had an off night on board one.

Nathaniel and Chris Donkin agreed a draw in a complicated double rooks and pawn ending.

My opponent, David Begg, deviated early from the game we played earlier in the season which led to a blockaded centre with both sides delaying castling. White appeared to be trapping my knight or queen but in fact this was not the case and instead his advanced h5 pawn was lost. Possibly trying to win on time he gave up rook for bishop complications but I soon sacrificed exchange back to be two pawns up with a winning endgame.

A well needed win that helps our league position after a shaky start to the season.