Second Team Lost to Badgers Brook 2

Gerry Brown
6 November 2023

A tale of what could have been!

My opponent on Board 5 launched a K side attack but didn’t castle. I managed to open the centre, win a couple of pawns and forced the exchange of queens. My opponent responded by doubling rooks and attacked my castled King along an open file. I blundered and allowed my opponent to mate me.

Simon was a pawn up in a complicated middle game but his opponent was able to win a rook with a knight fork forcing resignation.

Douglas was on top throughout most of his game but his opponent fought back and won Douglas’s queen. Douglas was left with a knight and three passed pawns against a queen and managed to promote one pawn forcing his opponent to give up his queen for it. He then resigned as Douglas could easily promote a second pawn.

João was always on top and soon won a piece. His opponent fought on but João converted his material advantage without much difficulty.

Patrick developed a strong kingside attack with his pieces focussing on f7. Unfortunately he consumed a lot of time and his opponent managed to find a strong counterattack which won material and the game.

David had an even position but lost a piece in a series of exchanges. Although David offered stout resistance his opponent gradually ground out a win.

Badgers Brook 2 Badgers Brook 2 Civil Service 2 Civil Service 2
David McGilvary
1493 1 - 0
Simon Bate
Colin Matthews
1114 0 - 1
Douglas Heatlie
Antonio La Gamma
1 - 0
Patrick Miller
Craig Van Den Heever
933 0 - 1
João Reis
David Lawrence
1 - 0
Gerry Brown
Douglas Scott
988 1 - 0
David Hale
4 - 2