Second Team Lost to Corstorphine 2

Gerry Brown
26 February 2024

We were outgraded on every board.

Unfortunately we had to default board 4 when Patrick couldn’t make it.

Lewis ultimately couldn’t defend a K side attack by a very strong junior.

I was under some pressure and had to exchange pieces to equalise. The game ended with N+5 P against N+5 P and neither side could make progress.

João was the exchange and a pawn to the good but overpressed and his opponent managed to counterattack and force mate.

Eric was always under pressure against a very strong opponent and although he had an attack wasn’t able to counter the infiltration of his opponent’s Q.

Douglas won a P and the game entered an endgame with Q, R and 5P against Q, R and 4P. Although Douglas had the better position his K was exposed and his opponent was able to force perpetual check.

Corstorphine 2 Corstorphine 2 Civil Service 2 Civil Service 2
Graham Dempsey
1795 1 - 0
Eric Smith
Graham Wilson
1543 ½ - ½
Douglas Heatlie
Brian Gourlay
1534 1 - 0
João Reis
David Burns
1472 1d - 0
Patrick Miller
Ricky Dowling
1468 ½ - ½
Gerry Brown
Rath Srinivas
1193 1 - 0
Lewis Pantony
5 - 1