The club runs a number of internal competitions as well as taking part in local and national competitions. See our calendar for upcoming events.

Edinburgh League

The Edinburgh League runs from October through to March and the club normally enters two teams. Although the Edinburgh League is not running this season it is hoped that it will restart later in 2022. The first team played in the Premier division in 2019-20, with the second team playing in the 2nd division.

The Edinburgh Allegro League is a team event with four players per team. Matches take place between October and April on one evening (2nd Thursday) each month. Each team is restricted to an average rating of 1500 or under. Two matches are played each night with a time control of 30 minutes for each player. The club have entered two teams for the last few years. In recent years our club venue has been used to host this competition.

The Summer Cup is a team cup event which uses a handicap system to equalise the chances of different strength teams - allowing them to play on a more equal footing.

Club Nights

The Club Championship is run annually and is open to all members to take part. The format can vary from year to year but is most often a swiss tournament. This year it has been run as two all play all sections, with the highest placed player in each section qualifying to play off for the championship. There is also a Minor Club Championship which this year will be awarded to the highest placed participant from the lower 50% graded entrants.

For the first time this year we are also running a chess club ladder to provide a bit of a fun competition for any friendly games played on club nights.

In the Autumn and Spring we run a Lightning tournament of faster chess where there is a handicap system in place that gives higher graded players less time against lower graded opponents.

National Events

The club has a very long record of supporting national competitions and we enter a team each year in the Chess Scotland Spens Cup which is a national cup competition for teams of five players. Any teams that are knocked out in the early rounds qualify for the consolation tournament - Jack Campbell Rosebowl. The club has managed to win both these competitions multiple times in the past.

For many years the club have entered two joint teams with the Bank Of Scotland club in the Scottish National Chess League (SNCL). This competition is held at a central venue (Dunfermline) and generally comprises of five divisions of eight teams. The team names used for these collaborations are CSBOS reflecting the two clubs.